Overhead shot of halved sweet potato and black bean burrito.

I’ve done a 180. Last week I encouraged you to use canned beans; this week I’m telling you to cook them from scratch AND, if you’re up for it, to roll your own flour tortillas.

Ignore me. Or don’t:

Earlier this week, for reasons I cannot explain, I made flour tortillas from scratch, something I did often years ago, but can’t justify making a priority anymore.

And then, with a full pot of slow cooker black beans on hand, I took my favorite quesadilla recipe down a different path: I made burritos instead, warming the homemade tortillas slightly, then rolling them with Boston lettuce, sour cream, a little grated Monterey Jack, the smoky sweet potato filling, a spoonful of those warm, creamy beans, and a big squeeze of lime.

When everything is made from scratch — the tortillas, the beans, the filling — there’s no way together it won’t be good. But even so, I was surprised by the combination, by both its freshness and heartiness, by how delicious and satisfying it all tasted as a whole.

Moreover, once everything is made — I know, I know, easier said than done — you have all the components on hand for a quick dinner. Twice this week, after late evening activities, these burritos were dinner. They came together in no time, and they were inhaled about just as quickly. Famished!

If you find yourself holed up this weekend, and you’re up for a little adventure, here’s your game plan:

  1. Break out your crock pot tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, and Cook. Those. Beans.
  2. Tomorrow (or tonight!), make the sweet potato taco filling (recipe included below) — it takes no time to throw together, especially if you have a food processor. It stores well in the fridge, too.
  3. And, should you find yourself twiddling your thumbs, roll out some tortillas — there’s nothing to it: whisk together flour, salt and baking powder; cut in softened butter; add warm water; knead briefly; let rest; shape and roll! Video included below. They’re so much fun. You can do it ??????

PS: You guys are loving these two recipes:

Here’s the play-by-play: Make or find some good tortillas.
A stack of homemade flour tortillas.

An overhead shot of a stack of homemade flour tortillas.

Gather the fillings: sweet potato taco filling (recipe below), black beans (slow cooker if you’re up for it), grated cheese, sour cream, and lime.
Overhead shot of a skillet holding sweet potato taco filling.

Start layering …
Overhead shot of a homemade flour tortilla topped with Boston lettuce.

An overhead shot of a sweet potato and black bean burrito, unrolled.

Halve and serve!
Overhead shot of halved sweet potato and black bean burrito.

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