Ultimate Sheet Pan Breakfast Slab Sandwich

A dream to create a breakfast sandwich for a crowd made entirely on a sheet pan (or three) led to this sandwich. It’s sheet pan eggs meet sheet pan focaccia meets sheet pan bacon. Together, along with some greens, the three unite to make an ultimate breakfast slab sandwich to feed a crowd.

Real talk: This is a bit of an undertaking.

BUT with a bit of planning, you can pull it off. How much fun would this be for a Father’s Day or graduation brunch?

Breakfast Slab Sandwich Game Plan

  1. Mix your focaccia dough on Saturday evening after dinner.
  2. On Sunday morning, remove the dough from the fridge (no later than 7 am) to allow it to make its second rise.
  3. While the focaccia rises, cook the bacon.
  4. When the focaccia is ready (2 to 4 hours after it has been removed from the fridge), dimple it and bake it.
  5. While it cools, bake the eggs.
  6. When the eggs are done, the focaccia will have rested long enough to be halved and layered with all the goodness.

Once all the components are ready, assembly is fast and fun. You can do it!

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Sheet Pan Eggs …
12 eggs, whisked with herbs

Eggs on a sheet pan ready for the oven.

Just-baked sheet pan eggs.

A cutting board with sheet pan eggs.

Sheet Pan Bacon …
sheet pan loaded with uncooked bacon

Cooked bacon on a sheet pan

Sheet Pan Focaccia…
A sheet pan with focaccia dough, ready for the oven.

A cutting board with baked focaccia.

A sheet pan with halved focaccia

Assembly time!
Adding the bacon to the sheet pan sandwich.

A cutting board with the sheet pan breakfast sandwich being assembled.

Assembled Ultimate Sheet Pan Breakfast Slab Sandwich

Brunch time! Invite over the neighborhood!
A cutting board with Ultimate Sheet Pan Breakfast Slab Sandwich

Ultimate Sheet Pan Breakfast Slab Sandwich

Ultimate Sheet Pan Breakfast Slab Sandwich

Sideview of Ultimate Sheet Pan Breakfast Slab Sandwich

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